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Mystic Stamp Company was founded by Lawrence K. Shaver, a Camden native, in 1923. Mr. Shaver was a stamp collector who turned his hobby into a thriving approval business. The Sundman family purchased Mystic in 1974 sending Donald Sundman out to run the business. Our 130+ colleagues have been serving collectors since 1923.

Selling the Dream

Some collectors may have been waiting literally decades to own the world's first postage stamp, or to add the famous "Graf Zeppelin" airmail stamps to their collection. We make that possible by offering these stamps in various grades at different price levels, often with time payments, so collectors can have the stamps they've always dreamed of owning.

In 1998, Mystic purchased the 1868 one-cent Z grill stamp for $935,000; the rarest U.S. stamp and the key to a complete U.S. stamp collection. November, 2005 Mystic traded the 1868 one-cent Z grill stamp for the plate block Jenny Invert that had sold for $2,970,000 two weeks earlier.

We perform an amazing variety of jobs to accomplish this. We do more different things than most companies our size. This variety means we have a lot of interesting jobs. We sell stamps through ads in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. We sell stamps from our catalogs and pricelists (like Lands' End) We sell stamps to Customers who enroll in stamp 'clubs' (like Book of the Month Club). We sell stamps on approval, where we send stamps to collectors to look over in their homes; they keep and pay for the stamps they want and return the balance. Customers can place catalog orders on our Internet site,

We do all our own marketing (as opposed to having an advertising agency do our marketing). We develop our advertisements (like an ad agency), catalogs, letters, stamp albums, and more.

Our buyers purchase postage stamps from all over the world. We identify, sort, and grade the postage stamps we buy. We package the stamps and ready them for sale. We are knowledgeable about stamp identification, values and other technical stamp aspects.

Mystic generally receives 20,000 to 30,000 pieces of mail a week and sends 20,000 pieces of mail a week, all with stamps. Our Customer Service Department receives hundreds of phone calls a week. We package millions of stamps each year for sale to our Customers. Analyzers select stamps for hundreds of collectors each week. Our programmers write custom computer software and use packaged software to serve our Customers.

Stamp Collecting The World's Greatest Hobby

Why do we say that? Is it just because we sell stamps? No. We say it because we believe it and we have a passion for stamps. Because every stamp has a story to tell. Stamps chronicle our nation's history and the history of the world. Stamps reflect our culture, our heritage and our heroes, as well as those from around the globe. Stamps evoke a sense, not only of history, but of place, patriotism, nostalgia, romance, intrigue, worldliness, broadening horizons, pride of ownership, and innumerable other sentiments. Stamps educate, entertain, relax, stimulate, challenge, and so much more. Stamps can even make a difference in how a victim of heart attack or cancer survives the aftermath of surgery or the rigors of rehabilitation. Even President Franklin Roosevelt said he owed his life to his hobbies, "especially stamp collecting."

We strive to reinforce the good feelings our Customers have about stamp collecting by making it fun to collect with Mystic. We do that by serving them well, and offering them many ways to collect; by speaking to them personally, truthfully, and clearly about stamps and collecting. We let them know at every turn that they made a wise decision when they chose stamp collecting as their hobby; and that we will be here to help them enjoy it in any way we can. By saving our Customers time, effort, and frustration, we make it fun, easy, and hassle-free to collect with Mystic. In short, we take care of our Customers, and we continue to prosper because of it.


Mystic Stamp Company

Stamp Collecting

The World’s Greatest Hobby

Mystic Stamp Company

America’s Leading Stamp Dealer

9700 Mill Street

Camden, NY 13316

Phone; 315-245-2690


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